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Buckwheat soup
grain buckwheat(soba), chicken & shiitake mushroom soup
Miso soup(small bowl)  G
Miso(fermented soy bean) flavoured soup with tofu, seaweed, spring onion
Steamed rice  V,G
Edamame  V,G $6.00
steamed young soybeans
Agedashi tofu  Va
deep fried tofu & vegetables with tempura sauce
Green Salad  V,Ga
assorted greens and veges with ginger soy dressing. medium size.
Stir-fried vegetables  Va,Ga
ten colourful vegetables stir-fried in a smoky hot wok
Tempura vegetables  Va,Ga
crispy battered seasonal colourful vegetables
Sashimi  Ga
Carefully prepared local Salmon and selected fish,
served raw and thin sliced with soy sauce and wasabi
  • Sashimi Combination (S)
    $ 16.00
  • Sashimi Combination (M)
    $ 23.00
  • Salmon Sashimi
    $ 16.00
Salmon and Seafood
Teriyaki salmon  Ga
pan fried salmon in teriyaki sauce with wasabi & ginger
Crumbed salmon  
deep fried & crumbed salmon with Kohan's tartar sauce with geen salad
Kabayaki sauce salmon
pan fried salmon in dark soy sauce with sansho pepper
Tatsuta-age salmon
miso & sake malt marinated deep fried salmon with green salad
Chanchan salmon
pan fried salmon with miso vegetable sauce

Teriyaki chicken  Ga
pan fried chicken in teriyaki sauce with wasabi & ginger
JFC (Japanese fried chicken)
soy flavoured succulent Japanese chicken nuggets
Ton katsu
crumbed pork with Kohan's tonkatsu sauce & mustard
Crumbed lamb rack
2 pieces of crumbed lamb rack with Kohan's tonkatsu sauce & mustard
Tataki : seared meat slices with ponzu & chilli sauce ( very rare cooked)
BBQ : grilled with Kohan original BBQ sauce
Tempura combination  Ga
tiger prawn, blue cod and 4 vegetables with tempura sauce
Tempura squid  Ga
crispy battered blue cod pieces with sauce
Tempura vegetables  Va,Ga
crispy battered colourful seasonal vegetables
Tempura blue cod  Ga
crispy battered blue cod & vegetables with tempura sauce
3 crispy battered tiger prawns & vegetables with tempura sauce

Bento Box
appetiser :Japanese omelette,
 tatsuta-age salmon, green veges
sashimi :salmon and today's fish (ex. groper), fruits
agemono :crumbed chicken (tonkatsu sauce)
 crumbed tiger prawn (tartar sauce)
                         with fresh green salad
steamed rice and miso soup

appetiser :Japanese omelette,
            green veges & sukiyaki beef
sashimi :  salmon, tuna,
         today's fish (ex. groper)
teriyaki :    teriyaki chicken with fresh green salad
tempura :tiger prawn,
 blue cod, assorted veges
4 pieces salmon roll sushi, miso soup

Sushi a la carte
Roll sushi
Vegetable roll (medium 2pieces)  Va,Ga
Tempura Prawn roll (medium 4pieces)  Ga
Tekapo roll (big 2pieces)
big roll
-containing sukiyaki beef, avocado, salmon, omelette, onion etc

Nigiri sushi
Salmon nigiri sushi (3 pieces)  Ga

Today's nigiri sushi combination
   small  (3 pieces)  Ga
   medium (5 pieces)  Ga

(All dishes serve with pickles & miso soup)
sashimi salmon slices & salmon caviar on sushi rice
Teriyaki salmon don
teriyaki salmon on rice
Natto salmon don
fermented soybeans, diced salmon & egg yolk on rice

Noodle soup
Wakame udon noodle
wakame seaweed on udon noodle soup
Tempura udon noodle
tempura combination with udon noodle soup

Kids meal
JFC fried chicken, edamame, Japanese omelette, fruits & selection from
   fried potato or small udon noodle or rice with furikake seasoning    $10.00

G :gluten-free
V :vegetarian
Ga :gluten-free available
Va :vegetarian available

Tempura Banana
Foondant au chocolate
All desserts are served with 1 scoop of Kohan's home-made Ice Cream

1 Scoop of Kohan's home-made Ice Cream
Green Tea, Fig, Rum & Raisin, Berry, Caramel

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