This menu is subject to minor change.

Vegetable roll (medium 8pieces)
Tempura prawn roll (medium 8pieces)
Tekapo roll (big 8pieces)
Double nori rolled sushi
-containing sukiyaki beef, avocado, salmon, omelette, lettuce etc
salmon roll 8 pieces, nigiri 5 pieces

(All dishes serve with pickles & miso soup)
sashimi salmon slices on sushi rice
Teriyaki salmon don
teriyaki salmon on rice
Natto salmon don
fermented soybeans & diced salmon on rice
Ton katsu don
crumbed pork in omelettes on rice
Chicken katsu don
crumbed chicken in omelettes on rice
Teriyaki chicken don
teriyaki chicken on rice

Noodle soup
Wakame udon noodle
wakame seaweed on udon noodle soup
Tempura udon noodle
tempura combination with udon noodle soup

Bento Box
appetiser :Japanese omelette,
 tatsuta-age salmon, green veges
sashimi :salmon and today's fish (ex. groper), fruits
agemono :crumbed chicken (tonkatsu sauce)
 crumbed tiger prawn (tartar sauce)
                         with fresh green salad
steamed rice and miso soup

appetiser :Japanese omelette,
            green veges & sukiyaki beef
sashimi :  salmon, tuna,
         today's fish (ex. groper)
teriyaki :    teriyaki chicken with fresh green salad
tempura :tiger prawn,
 blue cod, assorted veges
4 pieces salmon roll sushi, miso soup

Lunch set
(All dishes serve with appetiser, rice & miso soup)
Tempura lunch
tempura (King prawn, chicken, fish & veges)
Sashimi lunch
sashimi(salmon, tuna, market fish)
Teriyaki salmon lunch
teriyaki salmon with fresh green salad
Teriyaki chicken lunch
teriyaki chicken with fresh green salad
Crumbed pork lunch
deep fried crumbed pork with fresh green salad
Crumbed chicken lunch
deep fried crumbed chicken with fresh green salad

Kids meal
JFC fried chicken, edamame, Japanese omelette, fruits & selection from
   fried potato or small udon noodle or rice with furikake seasoning    $10.00

Miso soup
Salmon sashimi
Agedashi tofu
Japanese fried chicken
Tataki Venison (very rare cooked)
Tataki beef fillet
Crumbed lamb rack
Tempura combination

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